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We will see you soon

Updated: May 11, 2022

Hi there friends. We're really excited to have you here to share some great news. We've been quietly making progress behind the scenes, attempting to keep things under wraps, but now we're in a good spot to commit to what some of you have guessed for a while now.

We are opening a brewery.

The project is well under way, with a space secured, equipment on its way, and an eager community that seems excited to have us. The final step was to tell everyone it's happening for real, and so here we are.

So over the next few months, if you're passing through Morris Plains, NJ on Route 10, keep a look out and you might just see us. We are located at 1745 RT 10 E, Morris Plains NJ.

We have a fair amount of work ahead of us in order to build the space, acquire licenses, and get started brewing, but we're going to keep the communication channels open with updates and news as we have it. If you follow our Instagram, you'll see it all there. You can also sign up on our website for news sent to your email as we're ready to share it. We promise not to flood your inbox.

Our goal is to try to be open within 2022, but there are a lot of things we need to do to get there, and many of them are beyond our control. So while we can't guarantee anything, rest assured we're doing everything we can to get some fresh beer in your hands as soon as possible. So tell your friends, spread the word, and keep an eye on our social media and website. We'll have a lot more to share over the coming months.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our little endeavor so far, we can't wait to share a beer with you soon.



Let's stay in touch.


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