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We Are Launching Some Merch!

Updated: May 11, 2022

Hey there friends,

Today we're starting to release a bit of merch on our new online storefront. Of course we're not going to twist your arm to buy anything, but if you're interested, and you'd like to show a bit of support, there are some options up there that might catch your eye.

With all of our merch, we're going to try not to get too heavy-handed with the self publicizing angle. We like our logo, so more often that not, that's all you'll see on a piece of clothing or whatever else. No crazy text. Nothing annoying. Keep it clean!

Also, once the brewery space is fully operational, we'll probably have some things available in the brewery only, as well as other things available online only. We like creating these things, so if people want them, we'll keep on creating.

Today, what we're launching is simple: T-Shirts & Tote Bags.

T-Shirts because of course we're going to need some shirts, and Tote Bags because of a brand new law in our state of New Jersey that bans single use bags and requires that you use reusable bags when you're out shopping. Both items are available now in some fun styles.

The theme for this little merch drop is some Double IPAs we're very eager to share with you in the future: Pathfinder, Dream House, Hammerteeth, and Solace. For the time being, we aren't going to dive too deep into what makes them unique, but perhaps their respective artwork that adorns our new merch pieces might pique your interest.

Long story short, if you like shirts and totes, we know a spot.




Let's stay in touch.


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